A brilliant design for a Lego Instax Mini camera, which actually “takes” Lego Instax Mini film “prints”, is currently being showcased on the official Lego Ideas website.

The design features a white camera, which is very close to the actual dimensions of a real Instax Mini 11. It can be loaded with a Lego instant photograph, likewise very close to the proper dimensions of Instax Mini film, and features a mechanism that ejects the photo – and even rotates the picture counter indicator as it does so.

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As you can see, while the frames of the instant prints are made of Lego, the actual images are real pictures. As such, these “photos” can be customized either with designs featuring Lego characters or with your own images.

The physical design of the camera is highly impressive – not just because of how faithful it is both in terms of accuracy and scale, but also thanks to it being capable of actually ejecting an image just like a real Instax camera (by turning the lens) rather than just being a pretty, static shell. 

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